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Applying Deliberate Practice

Youth Player’s Skill Improvement

No one became a superstar playing against inferior talent.

The Prodigy Myth

Are there really people who are born “better” or “smarter” than everyone else?

Understanding Greatness

Understanding Greatness

It’s a Choice to Be Great

Why becoming an elite athlete is a choice?

Deliberate Practice

Applying Deliberate Practice for Team Sports

Genius in Sports


Winter Baseball Training Programs

Baseball Program available no matter what season

The Path to a Sports Success

Taking the Path of Sports Success

Basketball at The Factory

What is Basketball at The Factory?

Benefits of Playing Early

Playing a sport at a young age is required to become a great performer.

Elite Performance Training

Athletes from all sports are welcome to take part, no matter what level you play at.

AnnouncementLittle Ninja Open Play

Let your kid learn and have fun!

Does a sports gene exist?

Is there a sports gene? No

Private Game Loft

There are many ways to have fun with friends and family indoors

AnnouncementKey to Unlock The Secret To Becoming a Great Athlete.

A much-debated question is if great athletes are born with their advanced skill set. If not, could anyone become great, and how would that happen?

AnnouncementWarrior Ninja Gym

Having fun is the primary purpose of our Warrior Ninja Gym!

BaseballBaseball at The Factory

Baseball at The Factory

Parties & Events at The Factory


Most people aren’t willing to do the hard work

Learn on this book on how to become a professional in the sport of your choosing

Elite Sports Factory on NBC10 News

NBC10 at Elite Sports Factory

Diamond Club

Diamond Club is a high level baseball training membership program.